We provide Power Sweeping, Pressure washing, Porter Service, Parking Lot Maintenance, Vacant Maintenance , Line painting, and general maintenance items such as -- graffiti clean up, minor painting, gutter repair, pot hole repair, ceiling tile replacement and other maintenance items.

Power Sweeping

Our motto is, "We Clean it like We Own It!"

CSO has been providing power sweeping in Central Florida for over twenty years. We have been the backbone of the Sweeping Industry in Orlando long before many of our competitors even existed. CSO services , industrial parks, parking garages and retail centers from small strip centers to large malls.

Our fleet of modern parking lot sweepers include equipment for parking lots ,garages and streets. We always have back up equipment in case of mechanical failure.

Our crews are well trained and experienced. They are taught from day one our motto We Clean It Like We Own It.

On each visit to all locations we hand blow the corners, around wheel stops and islands, and all sidewalks are blown clean, free of dirt, cigarette buts and other debris.

At retail locations we change all trash can liners every visit , clean all entranceways and litter pick islands and grass area within the parking lot of all visible litter.

Contact us for further information.

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Porter & Janitorial

CSO provides quality porter service and outside janitorial service for shopping centers, malls, free standing box stores, and office complexes. Our goal is to have your property meet your standards of excellent appearance . CSO personal are trained to look for areas that need attention and clean them up. Our porter crews fill out daily reports noting such things as: pot holes, vagrants, signs down, and large items left behind centers(like furniture). Our management team will contact you and report what we see and ask for permission to handle these problems.

Our standard porter service includes, but is not limited to: litter picking grass and bushes; changing trash can liners; knocking down cob webs; wiping down window sills; trash cans, phones, benches, vending machines, and cleaning around dumpster pads. We use hand pickers to remove cigarette butts and small papers from the mulch and grass areas.

"We Clean it like we own it." You can count on us.

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Pressure Washing

CSO uses the most modern equipment available to insure professional results every time. Our variable high pressure washers (up to 4500 psi) allow us to clean sidewalks, and other surfaces, free of gum, grease, oil stains, spilled soda, coffee, and just about any other stain imaginable.

We offer bi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly contracts; or as a one time cleaning service. Just Contact us with your needs and we will provide you with prompt service.

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General Maintenance

CSO provides many facility maintenance services. Our long history of serving Central Florida properties, for over twenty years, has taught us the importance of providing a host of general maintenance services. Some of those services are:

• Pot Hole repair
• Ceiling tile replacement
• Miscellaneous Painting
• Door repair
• Vacant clean out
• Concrete curb and sidewalk repair
• Parking lot line striping and Handicap painting
• Gutter clean out and repair
• Graffiti removal
• Sheet rock replacement

CSO can provide you with most of the maintenance services you need to keep your property looking sharp. Just Contact us with your needs.

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Landscape Maintenance

CSO works closely with a reputable lawn care affiliate to provide quality landscaping services.

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